Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you require to hire a vehicle from Magnum?

  • One must be over 21 years of age.
  • A valid driving licence which is over 3 years old.
  • Deposit for the period of hire plus excess liability.
  • Payment should be made by credit card.
  • Cash deposits are acceptable subject to prior approval and may require a recommendation.

Q: What is my liability in case of an accident or vehicle theft?

This is subject to the terms and conditions of our car hire contract. The maximum liability ranges from KShs. 75,000 to KShs. 300,000 depending on the class of the vehicle in case of an accident including total loss of the car, fire or theft.

Q: What kind of road side assistance is available in case of breakdown or accident?

We provide 24 hour road side assistance in the event of accident or other roadside incidents. You will be provided with an emergency number on signing of our contract.

We are also members of Automobile Association (AA) of Kenya.

Q: Can I drive a Magnum Car out of the country?

Yes, this can be done with prior arrangements which require three (5) working days with additional cost (cross border fees). Actual amount shall be determined during booking

Q:Who do I contact if i have any complaints or queries?

For booking queries and other pre-hire issues contact us via email (here) or office telephone numbers during office hours

During rental period you can contact us 24/7 using the emergency contact number provided in the contract document

Q:How is the 24 hour period calculated?

Rates are calculated on a 24 hour cycle from the contract signing/vehicle delivery to vehicle return. Any delays in vehicle return may be surcharged

Q:How is the Rate of Exchange determined?

It is determined at the time of the rental and is set by the authorizing bank

Q:What is 'Excess' Fee?

Excess fee is the fee set by insurance entities and paid by a renter when the hired vehicle is damaged or stolen and the renter wishes to use our insurance waivers to cover for repairs or replacement

Q:Must I have a credit card to hire a Car from Magnum?

Ideally yes. A major credit card is required. A list of this cards is available at our online Payment Section.

Please note that for security reasons and to curb fraudulence the driver name must be the same as the one on the credit card.

Q:Who is responsible for parking, toll, and traffic violations e.t.c.?

The renter is responsible.